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Leigh Fagerlund-Quin
24 Lacewing Drive
Sippy Downs 4556

M: 0423653090
Naked Lilly Resin Art

Art and a variety of art forms have always been an integral part Leigh Fagerlund-Quin’s life, always choosing work places, roles and businesses where her love of the creative process was a major part of every day.

For many years, Leigh worked with children, art, craft and creative endeavours were part of everyday life.  Having a young family, her true artistic talents were shelved as the family came first.  Leigh even successfully ran a Family Day Care Service so that she could stay home with her own children. In every spare moment, though, she experimented and developed her own artistic style, trialling many different mediums.

Leigh has worked with oils, acrylics, paper and various other media.  However, as soon as her youngest child went school, Leigh true talents could flourish and she began working with resin on canvas.

The striking contrasts, the resin having “a life of it’s own” all have drawn the artist to continue to develop her style.  Along with inks and dyes, Leigh progressively experiments to create vibrant contemporary pieces.

“Resin has fluidity, texture, a continual movement that changes and forms a work.  As an artist, I can only do so much, a piece becomes alive, growing and developing like a living organism.”  

Leigh describes creating in resin as her “addiction”, it is now taking over her life.  It resonates with energy, colour and movement.

Leigh's work can be viewed at Seaview Gallery Dickie Beach

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